Tony Ezzy Gets a Job was supposed to be about people getting so fed up with the world turning to shit that they actually get together and try to do something about it. 

It was written in reaction to exploding rents and the gutting of what used to be consistently rated as the best health care system in the world (Canada's), and the general decline of social safety nets and civilization all around the world. 

It anticipated Occupy Wall Street by several years, it anticipated weird surreal cable TV by a couple of years, and it still cracks me up every time I look at it. 

Yet, at the same time as a whole it doesn't exactly work: the story doesn't have a normal arc, the characters don't develop properly, it's just a mad rush of insane scenarios that work better if you watch them out of order and imbue the stories and characters with your own life experience (ergo the mini-clips section). 

There's a lot in there to relate to - going completely insane at work and nobody noticing, being surrounded by colleagues that seem like lobotomied cult-members from a Star Trek episode, trendy hipster offices that pretend to be free and open, but are just as oppressive and conformist as stodgy formal dress wear environments, the nihilism at the heart of marketing, the cluelessness of powerful people who impose their cluelessness on the rest of us who are stuck living with it, the passivity, hopelessness and isolation that characterize most peoples' reactions to all this, and the blissful feeling of meaning and belonging that you get when you use your talents for something you believe in, working together with people you like and care about.  

If you like this clips and get to know the whole series and story, you'll probably see Yosz' and Advertush's and Mr. Boss' and Sweatshop Love and Resistance is Futile everywhere you go. 

But alas, instead of the shining masterpiece I wanted it to be, and that it should have been, and maybe could have been if I had had more experience or training (experience and training that I ironically got in the process of making this awesome calamity), this movie/series is more like a big broken mess with diamonds and rubies buried in it.   There are rewards to be found if you have the time and inclination to look through it, but you wouldn't know that from a casual glance.

It was filmed over a long stretch of time in Montreal using genuine freaks instead of actors.  It was originally supposed to be a feature length film, but is more fun to watch in little clips.

The episodes (large frames) are the main plot line, whereas the skits (smaller frames) illustrate the world Tony's living in without advancing the plot.   There are also outtakes in the small frames of Tony doing improv comedy, or of alternate plot lines. 

Although the equivalent of Occupy Wall Street breaks out by the end of series in reaction to a crazy privatization budget, it was written and filmed before Occupy Wall Street, before the current wave of austery budgets in Europe, the Harper budget in Canada, or the various Obama cave-ins in to Republican Mad Max budgets in the USA.

It would have been inspired by brilliant things like Idiocracy, The Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Flight of the Conchords, Portlandia, Louie, the Sarah Silverman Progam or Community, except that it was written (and a lot of it was filmed) before any of those came out.

All the music in the film was written and performed by either me, (Daniel Bitton the director/writer), or Tony Ezzy, with a few pieces by other people (credited on the episodes page) including The Illustrious Goldman who plays Yosz.  

I, Daniel Bitton, the writer and director, previously made Wesley Willis: The Daddy of Rock'n'Roll. 

I want to pitch Tony Ezzy Gets a Job to cable networks as a TV series, so get in touch with me if you can help with that... 

My next project will be a documentary on the role that different versions of history play in the perpetuation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, so get in touch with me if you can help with that too.

Hope you like it and get something out of it despite all it's flaws and shortcoming.  Do let me know!

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